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Meet Carli, CEO of Fierce Athletica,

"At Fierce Athletica we are passionate about the body’s incredible potential to transform itself. We know that when you achieve better health, more energy, and greater self-confidence, you will naturally have the capacity to do amazing things in other aspects of your life. That’s how we’re changing the world—one person at a time. Unstoppable!"
How I Developed the "MILI Method"?
I created my MILI Method out of necessity. I was always stressed and tired and I was sick of it.

Yea, I was keeping it together but I felt like I was dropping balls and I just never felt 100%. Drained, Tired, Overwhelmed.

Honestly I felt like every day was the same! Get the kids up and ready for school. Make sure they had lunches and then get them out of the door on time. THEN I had to make sure my husband had what he needed and get him on his way to work.

Only then could I get ready and get to my own work of running Fierce Athletica.
I needed a FIX!
So I started doing research...

A LOT of research. For example... Why was I always so low energy? What processes are involved with that from a science point of view?

Remember mitochondria from high school biology?

...well that's where I began.

I read books, listened to podcasts and learned / re-learned things that I think I already knew but it was all theoretical.

Theoretical is fine but I am a learn by doing person. I learn best by trial and error...

I began applying some of the concepts that I had learned to my daily life. After a few months of trial and error I started to piece together what seemed to be working for me.

I was slowly starting to realize that I was finding new energy where just a few weeks prior I was crashing and burning.
WOW this is working!
I discovered that if I took these 4 simple easy actions every single day that I had more energy, a more positive outlook and a new found confidence that I never had before.

I had my best friends try it out and it worked for them too!

Well then I simply HAD TO SHARE this with any working mom that I could find.

So I created a mini training program and gave it name.
I call it the "MILI Method"...
Each letter represents 1 of the 4 actions but also because

NOW I wake up everyday feeling like a million bucks!!

So if you are interested in waking up everyday and feeling great (like a million bucks) then sign up for this free mini training course right now!

I will teach you the 4 simple actions that I do each day to feel great, positive and confident every single day!

It's on demand so you can access it it right now. Hope to see you in there!

Carli Williams,
CEO, Fitness Athletica
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